Lynne and Harlan Curtis

Lynne and Harlan Curtis

I have been dancing my whole life as my mother was a dance teacher.

I met my wife dancing on roller skates. Over time we danced at many clubs in the Los Angeles area. We discovered country dancing, and have been involved ever since. I began writing dances several years ago. I have been contacted by instructors all over the world who are interested in teaching my dances. Most of my dances are to country music, however, the last few have been to non-country music. I don't think that line dancing should be restricted to one type of music. The country music rule no longer applies. If a great song comes along, it's the one to use, as long as the lyrics are not offensive.

My interest in Amateur Radio began in high school. Learning the basics of electronics got me started. After spending three years in the Army, two in Korea, I got my Amateur Radio License. I have enjoyed all aspects of the hobby, from kit building, designing my own Morse Code "Stolen Rig Locator" and communicating with radio operators worldwide.

As an engineer for Hughes Aircraft and The Boeing Company my radio experience assisted me in the development of radio antenna design and placement for the F111 aircraft and the B2 bomber.

We have two children, a son and a daughter, and three granddaughters.

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